About Carbenicillin DIRECT...

A Service Company

We are based in the United Kingdom but we export Carbenicillin worldwide. We understand that our product is supplied in almost identical specification by many suppliers so we focus on delivering great service and the lowest price.

We are always in stock so you can guarantee on receiving your Carbenicillin quickly. To Order Carbenicillin CLICK HERE


The dedicated focus on delivering a single biochemical was a concept we believed in and our company began selling Carbenicillin directly in 2001. In 2004 we added X-GLUC DIRECT www.x-gluc.com. In 2006 we added Zeatin and we have plans for other rare biochemicals in 2007.

We have clients all over the world; including the US, Australia, Europe and Asia.

Future Goals

In the near future we will be expanding and offering more niche biochemicals with the same principles of high specification, excellent service and the lowest price in the market, directly based on the success of Carbenicillin DIRECT.

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www.carbenicillin.com    www.x-gluc.com

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