Februrary 2009
In spring 2009 we will be launching brand new websites for each of our products including carbenicillin. We will also be launching a parent site where you will be able to purchase our different products in one process with full ecommerce functionality.

November 2006
We are pleased to announce that we can  now arrange special offers for regular customers. Please ask for details: email us.

January 2006
Carbenicillin DIRECT is 5 years old! On its Anniversary Carbenicillin DIRECT is shipping more Carbenicillin than ever before to more and more countries, our price is as low as it has ever been and now we offer excellent rates on bulk Carbenicillin Disodium.

July 2004
Carbenicillin DIRECT launches its new website which is number 1 in all the top Search engines; Google, Yahoo and MSN. No wonder we are supplying all corners of the world including; US, Europe, UK, Canada, Australasia, China and Japan!

January 2001
In January 2001 Carbenicillin DIRECT started in business. Its mission was simple.. "to be the best and preferred supplier of Carbenicillin worldwide", aiming to achieve this by offering the highest purity Carbenicillin Disodium at prices considerably lower than the competition and major catalogue companies.


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